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20.02.2019, 16:24

Simple Minded Simple Minds Coverband aus Schottland FREITAG 21.6.19 STUDIO B OLDENBURG

Die vielleicht beste, schottische SIMPLE MINDS Tribute-Band "SIMPLE MINDED" kommt im Rahmen ihrer Europa-Tour am 21. Juni 2019 nach Oldenburg und spielt im Studio B.

Nach dem Konzert findet die Synthetic Dance, 80er Jahre Pop&Wave als Aftershowparty statt, mit Simple Minds Special. An den Turntables Olli THX.

Einlass: 18 Uhr
Konzertbeginn: 20 Uhr
VVK-Ticket: 14 Euro
Abendkasse: 19 Euro

In den Tickets zum Konzert ist der Eintritt für die Synthetic Dance im Anschluss bereits enthalten.

Vorverkaufsstellen in Oldenburg:
- Tourist Info am Lappan (Lange Str. 3, Oldenburg)
- Beschte (Schützenweg 22, Oldenburg)
- Studio B (Emsstraße 20, Oldenburg)


Aus dem Pressetext (deutsche Übersetzung folgt):

Simple Minded are the most established Simple Minds tribute band in the world having received messages and tributes from former SM members / associates such as Brian McGee, Derek Forbes, Billy Sloan, Bruce Findlay and even from Jim Kerr himself.

The current line up of the band is the strongest and most talented it has ever been with a passion for Simple Minds music that makes for a fantastic live performance that delivers with each and every show.
The rise of the band has seen them go from local gigs to playing tour venues and theatres throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East bringing the fans favourites with them whereever they play.

With a set list that can pull songs from each of the albums from Life In A Day back in 1979 up to the present day, there really is something for everyone when it comes to a Simple Minded show.
George, Stuart, Stevie, Archie and Paul replicate the SM sound with such precision when they play that you’ll feel you’ve been taken back to Barrowlands.

Aktuelle Besetzung:

George Porter – Vocals
Stuart Clyde – Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Stevie Mason – Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals
Archie Dickson – Guitar
Paul Carnegie – Drums

Studio B
Emsstrasse 20
26135 Oldenburg

»THX« hat folgendes Bild angehängt:
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